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Outer Banks Museums and History

The Outer Banks is not just an ideal place to go on vacation. When you arrive at your vacation rental, you’ll find it’s a perfect place to explore and enjoy the historic parts of the area. The museums, tours, historic parks, and surrounding areas are filled with plenty to learn and enjoy while on vacation. Your vacation rental will be near some of history’s most important moments. Here are some of our traveler’s favorite things to enjoy while staying in our Outer Banks Vacation Rentals.

Graveyard of the Atlantic

The Outer Banks is in the path of some of history’s most tremendous storms. Hurricanes tend to follow the coast of the Outer Banks. It’s also the starting point for many Nor’Easters that dump lots of snow or rain to the northeast. So, in the old days, when ships and sailors were typical, they would get caught in some of these storms. The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum takes you into these stories with first-hand accounts and artifacts to learn more about the period. This museum tells the area’s history; best of all, it is a family-friendly environment. So if you’re traveling with little ones of all ages, you can find great entertainment and adventures here. Learn about shipwrecks of the past and all the maritime history that took place there.

Civil War Trail

Throughout the Outer Banks, you’ll find former battlefields of the American Civil War. Some of the earliest and most significant battles happened here. The battle of Hatteras Inlet was a catalyst for many Confederate-held places to begin losing to the Union. The Chicamacomico Races and the battle of Roanoke Island are all historical events that took place here. Once the Union army had emerged victorious from the war, they emancipated the enslaved people still living in the colony. They established the Freedmen’s Colony on the island. They gave formerly enslaved people the agricultural, mechanical, and educational tools they needed to form their independent community. Though this never came to fruition, the Freedmen’s Colony is now recognized via a commemorative park and signs discussing the historical time.

The sites and sounds of the Outer Banks will take you across time to historical moments. From early explorers centuries ago who were shipwrecked to events in World War II and beyond. You’ll find plenty to do and see in this historic place. Traveler favorite sites also include Buffalo City Exhibit, which takes you through the past’s old logging and moonshine country. Here you’ll get a snapshot of the past and discover a booming city that no longer exists.

There is plenty to do here for those who enjoy museums, historic sites, and beyond. When you’re ready to settle down and enjoy other amenities, our Outer Banks Vacation Rentals offer relaxation during your vacation. You’ll have a full kitchen, Wi-Fi, and pet-friendly options. There’s no reason to leave anyone behind when planning your favorite vacation. We encourage you to browse through our rental options. We can accommodate groups of any size and are happy to answer any questions you may have.