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Kayaking in Outer Banks

Explore the Outer Banks: A Unique Kayaking Experience

The Outer Banks of North Carolina offer a great kayaking experience for all levels of adventurers. Whether you prefer a peaceful paddle at sunset or the thrill of extreme wave kayaking, there is something for here for you in this stunning coastal destination. Not to mention the incredible wildlife – from birds and fish to turtles and more – that make their home in these waters. The entire family can enjoy a peaceful day out on the water, while experienced paddlers may want to try their hand at kayak fishing or explore one of many launch sites around the OBX. Come discover why so many have chosen the Outer Banks as their go-to spot for unique and memorable kayaking experiences!

Kayaking Views in the OBX

Kayaking offers the opportunity to see Outer Banks from a completely different perspective. From the water you can see tons of wildlife like sea bird, fish, and turtles. It’s also highly-recommended to try a guided sunset tour to see the vibrant colors of the OBX sky.

Ideal for Families Looking for Experiences Most Members Can Enjoy

Depending on where you go, most of the time kayaking is a quiet and peaceful endeavor that relatively easy to do. Sure it’s a slight workout, but it will get all the energy out of the younger family members, yet give an enjoyable experience for everyone. If this is your first time kayaking in Outer Banks, we recommend using a guided tour company to show you around. There are a lot of local vendors with the knowledge to explore all the hotspots while giving you a slight history lesson about the area.

Kayak Fishing

The Outer Banks is teeming with many different fish species, making it a perfect place for anglers looking to catch the big one. Fishing from a kayak does require a bit of multi-tasking and some skill. We also recommend using a local experienced vendor to show you the ropes, but more importantly where all the spots to cast your pole are. Just imagine floating on the calmer waters of OBX with nothing more than a kayak, tackle-box, a cooler, and beautiful scenery.

Popular Kayak Launch Sites in Outer Banks

Below are some local hot-spots to launch your kayak in the waters of OBX:

  • Duck near town’s center
  • Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve
  • The Refuge on Roanoke Island
  • The Pea Island National Wildlife Refuges
  • Frisco Woods Campground
  • Ocracoke Harbor
  • Springer’s Point

Grab a Paddle and Go!

Kayaking in Outer Banks is a family-friendly and fun experience for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Come discover why so many have chosen the Outer Banks as their go-to spot for memorable kayaking experiences.

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