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Jet Skiing Outer Banks

Jet Skiing in Outer Banks

Experience the thrill of jet skiing in Outer Banks, North Carolina! With its stunning white sand beaches and crystal blue waters, Outer Banks is a perfect destination for your next jet ski adventure. From Corolla to Duck, Southern Shores to Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills to Nags Head, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the open seas on a jet ski. Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to the sport, rental companies throughout Outer Banks have something for everyone. So come visit Outer Banks and book your jet ski adventure today!

Places for Jet Skiing in Outer Banks

  • Corolla: is a great place to jet ski! The town is home to many jet ski rental companies, guaranteeing you’ll find the perfect one to help you have an awesome time exploring the waters. Before you take off on the adventure, remember that there are regulations in place with regards to Currituck Beaches – jet skiing isn’t allowed here. Fear not though – you can still experience all of the thrills Corolla has to offer! Head down to Currituck Sound and zip along its beautiful waters, safe in the knowledge that this is entirely legal. For even more assurance, it’s best to ask your rental company for their guidance and make sure you know exactly where and when you’re allowed to ride. Happy jet skiing!
  • Duck and Southern Shores: Duck and Southern Shores are two of the best places for jet skiing on the Outer Banks. The gorgeous views, crystal-clear waters, and open space make them perfect for jet skiing, wakeboarding, tubing and more. Whether you’re taking a solo cruise or hanging out with friends, these areas offer plenty of excitement. There are some regulations though – while you can access both sound and ocean waters, you must stay at least 200 yards off the oceanside and 400 yards off the sound. So it’s all fun as long as you keep an eye on those rules and use your best judgement. After all, these areas are meant to be enjoyed responsibly.
  • Kitty Hawk: With its bright golden shores and rocking waves, you can’t help but feel energized as you zip through Kitty Hawk. Jet skiing around Kitty Hawk is a freeing experience – crucially the town want to make sure you stay 600ft away from shore for your safety and theirs.
  • Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head: If you’re looking for a places to ride your jet ski, consider Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head. Both towns are great spots and generally easier going than other locations when it comes to regulations. For example, in both towns you can jetski along the oceanfront or soundside, but with Kill Devil Hills the rule is to stay at least 300ft from shore, whereas Nags Head says you need to keep 600ft away for operational safety. In any case, it’s good to be aware of local laws before hitting the beach with your jet ski and make sure that you take all necessary precautions while on the water.

Tips for a Safe and Fun Jet Ski Adventure

Jet skiing is an exciting sport, but it’s important to stay safe. Before you set off, make sure you read the jet ski rental company’s safety instructions and regulations. Wear a life jacket at all times and make sure the device fits snugly, as loose life jackets can be dangerous. Also, check the weather before setting off and avoid riding in rough waters or high winds (especially if you’re a first-time rider). When you’re on the open water, it’s important to remain aware of your surroundings at all times and to stay away from boats, swimmers, and other jet skiers. Finally, remember to have fun and enjoy the beautiful sights of Outer Banks!

Book Your Trip Today!

Now that you know all about jet skiing in Outer Banks, it’s time to go book your adventure! With its stunning beaches and crystal blue waters, Outer Banks is a perfect destination for an unforgettable jet ski experience. So come visit Outer Banks and book a vacation rental today!

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